YYC Freight Services is an Regulated Agent in the Transport Canada Air Cargo Security Program

We have been approved by the Minister to screen cargo in accordance with Part 2 of the SMRAC (Security Measures Respecting Air Cargo).

If you require cargo screening please contact our CFS Division at dispatch@yycfreightservices.com or 403.717.7238 and we will arrange screening using one of the following approved methods:

  • XRY
  • ETD (Explosives Trace Detection)
  • Physical Search

If your shipment requires packaging please consider screening prior to goods being packed.

  • Just a reminder that YYC Freight Services provides custom packaging. We will accept unpacked shipments for screening and subsequent packaging, whether it is palletizing & shrink-wrapping.
  • We can also assist with retrieval and subsequent re-packaging of rejected shipments that did not pass screening by an air carrier located at the Calgary International Airport. Just call our dispatch desk and we will assist you.

For further information please contact:

Angie Godden